DON'T FEEL: The Death Of Dahmer
 takes place within Jeffrey Dahmer's final moments of brain activity, a unique setting that confronts the viewer with a multitude of questions: What happened to the soul of "born-again" Jeffrey Dahmer once his fellow inmate (nicknamed “Christ”) struck him dead? Should we place Jeffrey Dahmer in the queer continuum? Is abnormal sexuality a choice? Who is to blame for compulsive behavior?...Johnson plays a plethora of characters both real and imagined, creating a disturbing world in which Dahmer, as a troubled queer man, wrestles with his mortality and the fate of his soul. 

Photographer: Robbie Sweeny  Evan Johnson as Jeffrey Dahmer ( Don’t Feel: The Death of Dahmer ) 2017 at Z Below,

Photographer: Robbie Sweeny

Evan Johnson as Jeffrey Dahmer (Don’t Feel: The Death of Dahmer) 2017 at Z Below,

Press Quotes:

“Don’t Feel” humanizes its subject without recourse to crass sentiment or apology. And Johnson’s supple, multifaceted performance is passionately committed, deft and fearless. It’s a riveting communion with the dead, in several directions at once, and it will leave you troubled and moved.

– Robert Avila, SF Bay Guardian

“As an experiment in getting inside Dahmer’s head, it’s impossible to know how accurate it is, but it’s an absolute success in the way it constructs a narrative to help you understand the thinking behind the unthinkable.”

– Sam Hurwitt, Theatre Bay Area

"Johnson's physical performance style enhances Don't Feel's examination of the everyday cruelties that lay beneath (Jeffrey) Dahmer's heinous acts. There is no outlaw glamor here, just the drama of a tortured consciousness and remarkably good theater."

  - Dale Tegman, Flavorpill SF

Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Photo by Robbie Sweeny